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Martin Darting is a wine maker, adviser and a freelance teacher at the German Wine and Sommelier School in Koblenz, the Sommelier Academy Zürich and the IBA (International Professional Academy). He is the author of “Sensorik” (Taste), „Das sensorische Weinbild“ (The Taste of Wine) and many articles about the theme of human taste, perception and communication. He also supervises framework programs, wine tastings and seminars and gastronomy fairs.

His field of work includes training as a certified Sommelier and Wine Expert and regular one-day seminars on the topics of: taste, taste analysis, wine and cheese, chocolate and wine food pairing (dining and wine) as well as international wine topics. Martin Darting established the BioFach Wine Award in 1997 and now leads the international Bio Wine Prize. All tastings are conducted with his self-developed and internationally recognized PAR system as the first online review.