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Peter Scharff

Peter Scharff

Star chef, TV Pastry Chef, Herbalist and Director of the Culinary Competence Center

After his education as a chef, Peter Scharff also graduated from a training as a pastry chef in Hotel „Traube Tonbach“ in Baiersbronn. He worked for multiple restaurants, but today he is best known for his over 500 live broadcasts as the pastry chef of SWR’s „Kaffee oder Tee“ (Coffee or Tea).

After working in Switzerland and New York and with chefs like Dieter Müller and Harald Wohlfahrt, he proved himself as a chef in LAND/ART/HOTEL Wartenberger Mühle, where he received his Michelin star and retained it for 7 years with his „Cuisina Herba Barona“ cooking philosophy.

The herbalist won several awards, received titles such as the „Best fish chef in Germany“ and wrote multiple books. In 2007 Peter Scharff and his wife Claudia Scharff founded the Culinary Competence (“Kulinarische Kompetenz“) firm, followed by Corporate Food Catering GmbH in 2013.

He has years of experience as a teacher, for example at the DEHOGA Baden Württemberg, on numerous cooking schools and at the „Ecole Culinaire“. His repertoire contains many specialties such as fish, meat and seafood. His own brands are Gläserfood®, Corporate Identity Food® and herbs are his specialty.

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