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Heiko Antoniewicz

Heiko Antoniewicz


Heiko Antoniewicz purposely stands out. With his feet on the ground of top restaurants, the winged spirit of a visionary and a wholehearted passion for cooking he takes the liberty to interpret cooking in his own way.

He is a much requested national and international consultant for innovative culinary concepts or products and has made a name for himself as a teacher in Europe as well as Asia.  His workshops and lectures are characterized by a high level of knowledge and his enthusiasm and passion for cooking are contagious.

With his first book, “Finger Food – The Coronation of Culinary Art,” he set the tone for his avant-garde cuisine. The book was awarded the World Cookbook Award for “Most Innovative Cookbook in the world”. It was followed by “Daring Cooking” and “Molecular Basics”, in which the molecular cuisine and its amazing techniques and methods are elucidated for the professional chef and the ambitious amateur cook. With “Bread”, he left the classic “kitchen paths” and gave in to his passion for bread. “Bread” was awarded the “Best bread book in the world” award by the World Cookbook Award. His next work – “Sous Vide” – has already been translated into English and is the foundation of his friendly and sustainable cooking methods. With “Flavor Pairing”, which was published this year, he has created an atlas that shows basics and recipes for flavor combinations and simultaneously stimulates the imagination. It inspires. He inspires.

“Heiko Antoniewicz is one of the greatest visionaries and chefs of our time!” (Peter Scharff)